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Self Empowerment Through Create Your Magic

Are you looking for unique self empowerment techniques that will change your life? Are you ready to learn how to energetically manage your physical and mental body and your life? Are you ready to learn how to live a life of unlimited potential, use less medicine, and decrease and manage stress and anxiety through energy healing? If so, then you are among the many women, parents and children ready for change, to be self empowered, and invited to join our community.

Empower Yourself Through Energy Healing Techniques

My unique programs teach self empowerment through energy healing techniques to women, parents and children so you can learn how to create instant joy, health and abundance in your life on a daily basis. I passionately believe that when we become more trusting and intuitive beings this world will become a better place.


Welcome to the world of Create Your Magic By Empowering Yourself; the greatest, life changing self empowerment techniques for women empowerment and positive parenting - ever. I invite you to come and learn how to Blastoff! to Create Your Magic.

Self Empowerment Through Energy Healing

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Self empowerment through energy healing? One question I get quite often is, “How can I empower myself to heal”? My answer is simply for you to understand the simple fact that everything is energy.

How Energy Influences Self Empowerment

First, you must understand that everything on our planet vibrates as energy – minerals, plants, water. Our bodies are made up of 70% water so it is a HUGE conductor of energy. Now take that a step further and acknowledge that your bones, organs, blood, skin, brain – are all created from cells. These cells are broken down into protons and neutrons. It is a scientific fact that they are energy. Our physical being is created from energy and exists as energy. We also can acknowledge that air is energy and when we breathe in and out it sustains our vitality on this beautiful earth.

Secondly, let’s focus on our thoughts and how they can self empower us – many people don’t understand how our thoughts convert to energy. Our thoughts are communication devices, just like phones, walkie-talkies, television, etc. They use receptors to give and receive information just like we use our brain sensory conductors for our thoughts. Our thoughts lie in our conscious and subconscious mind. People who are “gifted”, like me or maybe even you, have extra special sensory perception that can pick up the vibration of humans, plants, animals and even “ghosts or spirits” from other dimensions because we understand how to “tune” into their frequencies. Therefore, every thought, word and action exists on a frequency. Continue reading

Empowering Women – The Biggest Tip Ever To Become A Self Empowered Woman

praying woman, symbolizes the need for empowering women in all different life situationsEmpowering women is my core message. I feel it’s important for everyone to learn heart based energy healing for self empowerment, especially women. Women are multi-taskers and we have a tendency to nurture others before we nurture ourselves.   It’s as if we have to re-learn the system because we find it easier to give instead of receive and therefore never nurturing ourselves and subsequently wearing ourselves thin until we experience burnout.

As we grow within ourselves and learn to detach the fragments and pieces that do not serve us that lie deep in our subconscious we subtly begin to experience positive shifts in our bodies and lives. Self healing enhances our  Continue reading